Doctor's orders, straight from the doctor

Here's a snippet of an email that a friend of mine sent me years ago when he found out that I was diagnosed with lupus. He was finishing his residency at the time - just months away from becoming a full fledged ER doc. I think his words should be followed to a "T" - consider it "doctor's orders!"

He says:

"The only advice that I can give you is to find a rheumatologist who will give you all of the attention, time and energy that you need. This is difficult being that physicians are being called on to see more and more patients in less and less time. If you are not comfortable with your doc, switch, because, if you start to get sick again, a moderately intelligent caring doctor is 100 times better than a brilliant doc who doesn't care."

How true this is!

Along these same lines, when you get a chance, cast your vote in the poll at the right. Is there something that you would or should take up with your doctor, the next time you're in? Let me know!


lupie said…
I agree!
BUT ... can't really choose in my country! I see different doctor each time and I can only pray I get a compassionate one!
Sara Gorman said…
That must be so tough! I guess all you can do is be as prepared as possible for each appointment - ready to recount your lupus history yet again. (I bet you've gotten pretty good at it!)

I suppose seeing a new doc each time makes you that much more in charge of your illness - since you're kind of the one running the show each time! Best of luck and thanks for sharing.

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