40 screws and counting

A few months back, I was going to blog about how good it felt to mow the lawn recently - how great it was to get out there in the fresh air, push the lawnmower around without any aches or pain, and how proud I felt to be doing something that I used to not be able to do. It felt so freeing to be engaged in a slightly taxing activity, without giving lupus a second thought.

I lost track of that wonderful feeling before I could post it, but had a resurgence just the other day when I put together, single-handedly, a toy for Deirdre that required, among other things, about 40 screws. And there I was, with the Phillips head, screwing and fastening, twisting and maneuvering, as if my hands had never had an arthritic twitch before. It was fabulous to be able to accomplish such a feat - without as much as a stiff finger or a swollen joint. And the agility I had with those teeny little screws...oh, it was such a treat to be able to juggle those little guys without flinching, twitching, or wincing.

So I say, bring on the next challenge - this lupite's ready to take on the world!


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