The Pillbags on You Tube!

I'm pleased to be able to share the following videos with you - the first is an endorsement from a doctor in Tennessee who's adopted the Sara Gorman's Pillbag method for organizing his vitamins, supplements, and medication. Although it sounds like SGP may need to expand to include a men's version, I'm glad he's willing to use the attractive Pillfold Montego™. Thanks, Dr. Laurence, for the great video!!

(Note: You should consult your doctor before following this or any medical advice.)

Of course, Dr. Laurence prompted me to recruit my own sales team to do a short promotional video, too. Niece Emma and my daughters Deirdre and Bernadette jumped at the chance to record the promo...I guess they've heard their mom pitch the Pillfold a few times!



Lenhart said…
Absolutely Adorable! I have been trying to find a way to contact you concerning your pillbags. As a lupus warrior myself, I would love to have them as an addition to my shop. -April
LOVE! best little sales reps out there! my favorite was when Deirdre showcased the "snap" feature - haha! so adorable. love them! xoxo
Debs said…
You're right Sara. I was also thinking that a fabric that appeals to men may be a good idea. The girls are darling!

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