Monday, April 2, 2012

Pillbags - The Starting Line Up!

Pillpouch - $24.99

 Pillfold - $39.99
The Montego™ line - Striking teal and crisp white zigzag. Named for Deirdre's trip to Jamaica. She had a blast!
The Sebastian™ line - Creamy white with green. A bit of a vintage, seaside feel. Hence, it was named after Deirdre's first trip to Spain, to the coastal town of San Sebastian.

The Cambridge™ line - Striking teal with splashes of brown, cream and green. Deirdre's most recent trip to Europe included a stop in Cambridge, England. She decided to take her sister along on that trip. Thank goodness Bernie had an updated passport!

The Bordeaux™ line - Classic navy and cream, named for one of the Gorman girls' favorite cities in France. Deirdre and I witnessed Bordeaux's first snowfall in over thirty years. That alone made it worthy of a Pillbag name!

The inside of the Pillpouches...

And the inside of the Pillfolds...

Which bag is right for you? Depends on how you dispense your meds. Do you count them out each week, so that you're sure to take the right pills on the right days at the right times? If so, the Pillfold is for you. It's great for on the go pill-taking, too!

The Pillpouch would be your bag of choice if you just need a cute, sassy little bag in which to organize and store those awful-looking, orange plastic pill bottles. And it's perfect for traveling - just throw your Pillpouch in your suitcase and go.


  1. Wow these are amazing Sara! Love the Bordeaux line. Please let me know when they will be available online for purchase! Can't wait. :)

  2. This just made my day. These are so cute and still functional! SO EXCITED TO BUY ONE!

  3. All are just amazing and wonderful!! Such brightness to the daily reminder that even when we travel - there are pills to take!!! Thank you so much. Remain "patient." Let us know when we can place orders. cb

  4. Thanks, guys! will be up and running soon - within two weeks I hope. I really appreciate the feedback. So glad you like!

  5. My husband went out and got me one of those not so pretty and not so stylish plastic pill containers/organizers. It is helpful, but I have been waiting for your very cute pill bags and pillfolds. I am very excited to get some as soon as they are available. I think you did a great job!

  6. I love these! I'm glad that we can all feel less weird about whipping out our meds in random places. Are you considering creating a pillfold that has three slots instead of just two? I don't know how many of us take meds that frequently, but I know that at least for myself and my mother the lack of a mid-day section is the only thing holding us back.