Friday, October 8, 2010

Sympathy weight...

I'm happy to say that while I've gained my fair share of weight for this pregnancy - not too much, though - just enough - Johnny and Deirdre have fared pretty well.

Johnny hasn't gain one pound of sympathy weight over the past 9 months - he never seems to, despite my penchant for buying pop-tarts during my pregnancies.

And Deirdre has kept up her good eating habits while I've been pregnant, although I've definitely been more open to indulging her with a handful of M&M's at ten in the morning when I need my fix. Perhaps I'm just trying to teach her the notion of sharing...

But the one who's really benefiting gastronomically from this pregnancy is Darwin. He gets all of Deirdre's scraps at breakfast, lunch and dinner (particularly because I don't feel like getting down on all fours to clean up), and we've been a little more lenient about letting her feed him, a) because it's just cute, and b) because I'm just not interested in exerting the extra energy to police the grounds. Unfortunately, he's also suffered for it around the waistline. Our walks are less vigorous (although I'm proud to say just as frequent...), but come the birth of this baby, we'll get right back at it. Dar, included.

I wonder if he knows what's in store.


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