Monday, July 27, 2009

Living well learning curve

As a first-time mom, I suppose I'm entitled to be a bit clueless when it comes to child-rearing. I'd never given much thought to the mechanics of eating and drinking, but now that Deirdre is well on her way to eating solid food and drinking from a cup, it's clear that it takes a little practice. Don't get me wrong - we are having a fabulous (read: messy) time watching Deirdre learn to open, insert, chew (or is that gum), and swallow her food, but I just hadn't realized that it would be such a learning process. Same with a sippy cup. It's been hilarious (read: wet) to watch her try and maneuver that little drinking mouthpiece in between her lips. She's definitely on the right track - although pictorially, some may argue that isn't the case. Clearly, there's still progress to be made - but we're awfully proud of our little Deirdre.

Reflecting on the notion of life's little learning curves, I realize that my venture to live well with a chronic illness is quite the learning process, too. It's certainly not a race, and it definitely can't be achieved overnight. But it is possible.
When I look back through the chapters of my book, I realize that the whole thing is one big learning process: figuring out what my limitations are, adjusting to the needs of the disease, accepting the changes that I've had to make. And acknowledging that one step toward living well builds upon another. Of course, some of those steps are easier than others. But the payoff? Oh forget about it! Living well, that is, having a normal life where I can do just about anything (included but not limited to watching my sweet baby girl figure out how best to eat a cheerio), is the greatest reward I could ever ask for.
And on the topic of learning, Johnny put together a little video of Deirdre - it debuted moments after I'd put together this it just had to be added. The master filmmaker couldn't have created a masterpiece any more fitting. Enjoy - and let me know what your favorite letter is!!!


  1. Which letter's my favorite? Tough call! It's ALL just delightful. But "I" would have to be right up there ;-) ...

  2. Yeah, we're particularly proud of her "Insanity" performance. :) What parent wouldn't be?

    Hope you're well - thanks for stopping by.

  3. Aw this video is just adorable :) I agree that it's a tough call for which is my favorite letter. I did get a laugh out of "P" hehe.

  4. She is just cute, cute, cute! Props to SJG for yet another top notch video.